Alternative Displays -Fogscreen:Update 1 from Nextfest


Projection image                Close-up of fog               projector

I have a series of Nextfest updates coming.  These are the first of my photo/video reports.  An outstanding show at the Javits Center in NYC fromWired with advances in technology and cutting edge developments. The first impresion is the fogscreen display overhead as you pass into the exhibit hall.  Fogscreen generates a water vapor mist with ultrasound (like an ultrasound humidifier) and then projects videon onto the mist-like screen.  Ok Doc cool but isn’t this just a party trick why sould we care?  The more intriguing aspect (besides the techno club rave entrance) is that this is one of the first commercialized alternative video display technologies.  I have been speaking for years that I envision future endoscopy and medical imaging to employ several alternative display technologies.  Today we are using just CRTs, LCDs, and the occasiaonal HMD (head mounted display).  Thinking outside the box a bit — if we can transform the imaging display then we can create new funtionality.  I envision augmented reality displays joining live visio with projected images. Just as fogscreen images on moving water vapor we could someday image on living tissues.  Interactivity has been added by the fogscreen people for entertainment– you draw with your finger in space and the computer “sees” and interprets where you are.  The same could be done for surgery by pointing and drawing in space.  Remember Tom Cruise’s hand movements directing the image recalls in Minority Report…  Its coming…

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