New Program for Centers of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Launched at International Congress of the AAGL

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I am honored to share with you on my Presidential Report from the CGE of the launch of the Center of Excellence Program of the AAGL CGE.  With 38 years leadership in Gyn Minimally Invasive Surgery the AAGL is uniquely qualified to share its educational mission by verifying those Centers that meet these standards.

The AAGL Global Society for Gynecologic Minimally Invasive Surgery Launches Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Program at Annual Meeting November 16-20, 2009 in Orlando, Florida —dedicated to establish and verify standards at surgical facilities and hospitals.

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The primary objective of the AAGL and its professional interest partner the Council of Gynecologic Endoscopy (CGE) is to promote the adoption of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery with its reduced morbidity, shorter post-operative recovery time, less invasiveness, and reduced costs.

Our Analysis of patient and provider needs worldwide showed that there are widely divergent qualities of practice and that patients and providers have difficulty in identifying excellence.  There is a lack of national standards to improve outcomes.  While payors seek to control costs/outcomes patients lack access to the educational resources to direct them to the appropriate center to meet their needs in many cases.  As I stated in my address:

We recognize in the modern era of health care we have a unique opportunity as well as an obligation to use our educational resources and multidisciplinary expertise to help promote those systems and procedure which can improve patient outcomes in women’s health while reducing costs to both patient, payor, and society as a whole.

The CGE has therefore launched two new programs to address these needs.

First is an individual registry of physicians based upon peer review of operative experience and complications. The CGE, founded in 1996 has over 1100 individual gyn surgeons who have meet its standards.  The new program integrates an evaluation based on today’s complexity of procedures in minimally invasive surgery.  It is a tiered system with 3 levels of practice (based on procedure complexity) and 4 areas of proactive experience and specialization (General Gynecology Procedures, Fertility Enhancement Surgery Procedures, Repair of Pelvic Floor Defects & Urogynecology Procedures, Gynecologic Oncology Procedures)

Second is a Center of Excellence Program In Minimally Invasive Gyn Surgery.  This is in recognition  of the modern notion that to achieve best-in classs surgical outcomes requires not only an expert surgeon, but an integrated multidisciplinary surgical facility with systems and procedures in place to maximize quality cost effective safe outcomes for patients.

9 Requirements: Areas of Review To Qualify as a COEMIG:

  1. Institutional Commitment to MIGS
  2. Director of Division
  3. Medical Staff Physician Qualifications
    -Dedicated Educational Program
    -Formalized Credentialing Guidelines & Systems to Introduce New Procedures
    -Procedures for Minimizing Complications
  4. Sufficient Experience with Procedures
  5. A Full Complement of required Non-Surgeon Consultative Staff
  6. Ancillary Staff
    -Dedicated Team-Based Concept
    -Dedicated non-physician Educational Program
  7. Equipment Guidelines
    -Availability & maintenance
  8. Treatment pathways
    -Linked to Peer reviewed Practice Guidelines
  9. HIPAA Compliant prospective Outcomes Data Tracking

In my presentation launching this program at the AAGL annual meeting I shared

The AAGL is extremely excited and totally committed to the concept of Gynecologic Minimally Invasive Surgery Centers of Excellence.  It represents a unified vision for women’s health that integrates our entire educational mission and expertise over the past 38 years.

First Ever Global Opportunity for Standards of Excellence:I was equally excited to present the concept to the Affiliated Societies of the AAGL which is made of representatives of National Minimally Invasive Gyn Societies from around the World.  Our dedication to this concept and recognition of its value was shared by representatives of Partner Societies from South America, Europe, and Asia.  We agreed to work together collaboratively to establish a shared Global Standard and to establish a shared program to advance Women’s health under the AAGL CGE COEMIGS program in cooperation with each Nation’s Society.

I will share further details of the program with you here as they are released!

Details of the society are are on the website of the AAGL

Information on the CGE

Information and Applications for the COEMIG Program

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