New HD Disk Format

EngadgetHD reports on New 3xDVD;

Comin’ straight outta Thuringia is the first news we’ve heard in a year about HD DVD’s red-laser cousin, 3X DVD. CDA Datenträger Albrechts GmbH has announced its started production of 3X DVDs, which are basically HD content, compressed with VC-1 or MPEG-4 and AACS DRM, on a standard red laser DVD that is readable only by HD DVD players. The advantage is that it costs the same to produce as a regular DVD, and CDA is apparently producing dual-sided DVD-10 discs, with standard DVD content on one side, and HD on the other. Of course, with several German studios dropping HD DVD support (along with a few others you may have heard of) its hard to see who will take advantage of CDA’s new capabilities.

Someone needs to step up and put a recordable HD format onto the HD endoscopy sets in the OR.  Even the HD systems record in SD.  I am waiting for recordable Blu-ray or even better a flash or disk based AVCHD solution.

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