2006 Medical Weblog Award Voting Open! Vote for Us!


The 2006 medical weblog award voting at medgadget has opened.  I am honored that docinthemachine is a nominee in the best medical technology and best new medical blog categories.  If you enjoy what you see here please cast your vote for docinthemachine especially in the medical tech category here. 

Thaks to all those who niminated this blog – I really appreciate the support and recognition of my vision for the impact of future technology on medicine.  Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the 2006 weblog awards were we placed 4th for overall best medical blog 2006.  This is fantastic considering that this blog has only been up since 9/11/06 and we were competing with all the big gun standards of the blogosphere!

Stay tuned for more future tech posts this week including body hacking, FDA regulations, military med tech and more!

I also really enjoyed checking out some of the new blog I had not yet seen.  It’s worth a visit.  The full list of categories and finalists is here.

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